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This blog is mainly focused on beginners and business users who are interested to exploit the rich, powerful reporting features in EPM BPC Excel Add in. Here is a small attempt to discuss three simple methods to create basic reports in Business Planning and Consolidation EPM Add in for Excel.

Once you are logged into Business Planning and Consolidation EPM add-in for excel you will be greeted with an excel interface as shown below.

Excel interface can be broadly segregated into four main areas.

  • EPM Add-in Ribbon for BPC
  • EPM Context Menu
  • Report Area
  • Connection & Dimensions list

Pre-requisite to enable member recognition:

Enable the checkbox:“Activate Member Recognition” as shown below to let BPC automatically recognize the dimension members from the

report area.

Path: EPM -> Options -> Sheet options.

I. Method

Drag and drop the required dimensions in the Excel sheet.

In the below screen print, Account dimension has been placed in the rows and Time dimension in the columns.BPC recognizes user input

instantly and displays the report based on the member selection in the context menu.


The Income Statement value of the Account dimension is hierarchy of all of the Accounts grouped under Income statement node. To expand the list,

double-click on Income Statement value. Same applies to Time value in the columns also. This feature can be enabled by choosing User options > Navigation > Enable Double-Click.

II. Method

Drag and drop required dimensions in Rows and columns in the row axis and column axis respectively.

Drag and drop the required dimensions in row axis and Column axis. Click Update.

Defer Layout Update option:

If the data volume is substantial and you want to update the data in the sheet only after dimension selection

is complete, you can utilize the Defer layout update option.

III. Method:

Type in the dimension member anywhere on the report area, BPC automatically recognizes the respective member and displays result.

In the below example, free text Income Statement has been entered in the rows and 2011.001 in the columns. Output is displayed immediately.

Note: In case there is more than one member with same text, system will prompt you with all those available members in a popup window. One can then chose the required member and click ok to view the desired result.

Apart from the methods described above to create basic reports, users can also create a simple report by using New Report option available from the EPM menu. Now that we have seen different methods of creating reports, one can choose whatever method is more comfortable to create reports.