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The BPC data model  for budget, LE (Latest Estimates) and 5YP (5 year plan) consolidation process

A BPC consolidation application is a set of BI-Cubes, dimensions and rules that upload and transform data to calculate the consolidated F/S. For budget, LE and 5YP consolidation process three cubes will be created and some other will be common with the managerial consolidation process. Following four cubes will be shared with managerial consolidation application:

  • Main: Main Application containing all financial data. Also contains non-financial data like headcounts, etc.

  • Ownership: An Ownership application must be associated with a Consolidation-type application. This application contains values of each consolidation perimeter. In particular, such definitions may include:
    • A list of companies being consolidated in each consolidation group (division, country…)
    • The group's consolidation method
    • The group's consolidation percentage
    • The group's ownership percentage (how much they are owned by the group)
    • The group's control percentage (how much they are controlled by the group)

  • Rate: There must be a Rate-type application associated with main application. It contains all currency exchange rates.

  • ICMatch: Used for Intercompany Matching process.

Following three cubes will be created specifically for budget, LE and 5YP consolidation process:

  • BLoad: This will be the cube where all information needed will be loaded in order to change the granularity level of the data to send it to the Budget cube and keep it there for further operations. All information loaded here will be at GL account level, and it will be translated into F/S Item level within this cube via script logic. Data will be sent to Budget cube with this format.

  • BMain: This cube will keep all information related with the budget, LE and 5YP consolidation process at F/S Item level. It will be the main cube for budget, LE and 5YP consolidation process and will collect information from the Ownership, Rate and Intercompany cubes to complete the information needed for budget, LE and 5YP consolidation process. It will be connected with the consolidation engine, which keep the business rules, in order perform the consolidation process.

  • Reporting: This cube will be used to make comparative reports. To do this, it will collect information from the managerial main cube and the budget main cube in order to show information from both cubes together and make comparisons of the real data with the estimations made previously.
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