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Zero Stock Batch shows up in the MIGO

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Hi Experts

During MIGO GI 261 - GI for Order

Press (F4) for Batch selection option shows the list of zero stock quantity batches.

  1. Material A1000 Plant US10 Batch ABC1000 - Stock Qty 100
  2. Material A1000 Plant US10 Batch ABC1001 - Stock Qty 0
  3. Material A1000 Plant US10 Batch ABC1002 - Stock Qty 0

Batch selection shows the the list of batches ABC1000, ABC1001, ABC1002 where user is annoyed to see zero stock batch.

Any control not to show the zero stock batch for selection ?


Best regards RG

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Answers (2)

Active Contributor

Hello rangaswamy.govindaraj

F4 is a search help. It helps to select objects, here batches. Batches with zero stock do exist, hence they are displayed. You should use batch determination strategy instead of F4 search help to pick batches during GI posting.

See SAP Help: Batch Determination in Inventory Management

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

Active Contributor
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You should refer project document and find how these information triggering in MIGO screen itself for goods issue- these information should be helpful for user before entering material number with batch and if zero stock user should not select that material to post!