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Wrong tax indicator found for Service Entry Sheet - Differs from the one in Purchase Order

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Hello colleagues,

Customer reported, that different tax indicator has been pulled to Service Entry Sheet (created automatically by BAPI as ML81N document) service line from Purchase Order. We would expect the PO one to be saved in SES, yet it pulls every time different one. I have found in condition analysis of tax determination in ML81N, that the wrong one has been found by a system. The problem is - correct and wrong tax indicators, both have the same condition schema, access sequence, while checking the condition analysis. Where could I find the differentiation, how to analyze such case? I have been checking multiple discussions here and there, yet I havent managed to find the answer. Is there some functional module behind the analysis, any program I can at least debug?

The services maintained are free text services without service number. The PO is referencing the contract but I could not find there any tax indicator. The only tax indicator is in the PO.

Many thanks,



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