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Wrong pricing data using mass upload with YNDC condition

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Hi All,

Facing issue : user is uploading YNDC condition through mass sales order. The value entered in the format is 53.47 but in SAP its showing 534.7 - It multiplies by 10.

User wants the same format 54.47 . Could you please provide your value solution or note which can be applied ?

Thank you.


Bharat Kumar Chintala.

Active Contributor
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Are you on S/4HANA?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the old days (before S/4) values were stored in the database multiplied by 10.

Which app / program / whatever are you using for the upload?

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Hi Jochen Hasse ,

we are using Using custom ABAP Program Mass Upload , we will upload the txt file in which we will get format is 53.47 as input .


Bharat Kumar

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