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work center constrains

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H all,

My Client's requirement is like this, they are manufacturing a juice and it is stored in a tank.

They have two types of packing one is Tetra pack and the other is a pet bottle at two different work centers. So the issue here is the tank has only one outlet and juice can be supplied to either one that means if the Tetra packing work machine runs Pet bottle work has to stop and vice versa.

How do we map this please help.

thanks & regards 



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Hi @raviram08 

A possible solution is to model your tank as a pooled capacity shared between Tetra pack and PET bottle workstations and make each workcenter utilize the capacity at 100%. This way you will see that if one workcenter executes a packing operation, the tank capacity is fully utilized and thus is not available to the other workcenter.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski