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work center capacity levelling

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I have un set of material, with a very simple production, one operation, one route. Imagine this situation. Material M1 , could be produced in the work center C1 or alternative in the work C2: the are two different work center, but they can produce M1 in the same way. Material M2 could be produced in work center C1 and C3 Material M3 could be produced in work center C3. Imagine that C1 is loaded at 130% and C2 is load only ad 30%., C3 is loaded at 40%. How can I setup materials, work center, routing in order to obtain an automatic leveling between work centers.. I mean, I would like that sap automatically recognize that C1 is loaded at 130% and switch part ofM1 production to C2or switch part of M2 production to C3. Keep in mind that the production process is very simple, one operation, one route. Thank you very much.

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Hi Silvana,

You need to use alternative sequencing in this case. Go through the link which would explain how to set this. You can set the same for your materials.

Hope it answers your question.



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please elaborate