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WM Special movement indicator process

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Our client has a requirement to create an automatic TO after GR for the PO for some selected storage types in the warehouse. For the rest of the storage types they want to create TOs manually from TR. We created a new special movement indicator and assigned it in the movement type 101 configuration for PO. So now there is one entry without the special movement indicator Z for movement type 101 for which automatic TO is allowed (A) and one entry with the special movement indicator Z where automatic TO is not allowed (blank).

We have now also created one storage type indicator per storage type.

After all this set-up, for testing I created two materials - one with special movement indicator Z assigned and the storage type indicator of the storage type where automatic TO is required, the other without special movement indicator and the storage type indicator of storage type which requires only TR.

I created one PO for both the materials and posted a GR. What I found is that the system creates one TR with both materials. But if I post GR for only that line item of the PO which has the material which requires automatic TO at GR created, the system does create the automatic TO as required.

Is there any set-up that I am missing here? What I want is that when GR is posted for both items at the same time, for one material there should be a TO and for another only the TR....



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