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WM-QM Interface: Different posting codes in HU

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Hi everyone,

i don`t understand and i hope you have the answer. I'm trying to do a partial posting like this in QA11

But, it doesn't work when i do it like this. If i make posting to all HU with the same VMENGE* works but if i select one HU and change VMENGE* code different from the rest, the post fails and SAP does nothing with all the HU's associated to a inspection lot.

How can i solve this? i want to (for example) decide that one HU have unrestricted stock and the other one to scrap, block, etc.

Another question, i'm not QM expert and i want to know if possible to connect this posting codes depends on the usage decision code?


Best regards

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Hi Juan,

In relation to your second question: You can configure the UD codes and per UD code you can define the booking that should be proposed/made.

In order to configure the selected set:

IMG à Quality Management à Quality Planning à Basic Data à Catalog à Edit Catalog Types à Edit Selected Sets (transaction QS51 for catalog 3)