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Why are Fixed Assets and Item Master Data stored in the same table?

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This doesn't make sense to me. For instance, I have a query that I want to create where I can pull either the NBV of an item if it exists, or the avgprice if the NBV doesn't exist. I know that the fixed asset is of ItemCode XYZ, but Fixed Assets assigns it the name FA123 instead. As a result, it's difficult or impossible to join the fixed asset to its associated item in the system.

This isn't asking for help--I figured out a way to make the formatted search work how I wanted (involving CTE, etc), but more of a general "Why is it this way?"

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It does make some sense, as they are similar in nature, and can still be bought & sold

We have got around this by using a MfrCatalogNo for the asset which is the same as that for the itemcode, so this allows for us to identify them together in queries

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I think the main reason is that in older versions OITM is the used table.

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