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Who supposed to raise the PR to supplier for rework ?What is the best practices known to the SAP?

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Our Team has an ambiguity on who supposed raise PR for rework

Anyone who has experience please share your experience.

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The rule of thumb is that purchase requisitions should be created by whoever first realizes the requirement, that something needs to be purchased.

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Thanks for your input .

Now we have a question is that, in a situation where we have a QN and supplier had responded that there is a rework cost and we need to ask them for the Quote and thus required a PR ,normally quality/requester get help from purchasing/buyer to raise a PR.Is this the correct method ?How do we automate that?

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If you're returning the part and it's to come back modified with additional value, I would consider using subcontracting - which allows to capture the logistics as well as the accounting. I havent done this by supplying the same part as being received, but it's worth a shot.

Robin McRae

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