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Where to define Datatypes

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Hi everyone,

Currently I am creating several scenario's.

However I can't find the proper way to define the datatypes (integer, decimal, string) of the inbound/outbound values.

Do I need to define those in my atoms (xml) or do I need to define these once I generated the xsd files.

Because inside the xsd files I see that everything is of type: string, and I don't know where B1if is getting this information from.

Kind regards,

Marcel Kieboom

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Hi Marcel,

I'm not sure what you mean but in B1i using XML and XLST there is no way and no need to define datatypes. When handing over a XML to the API, the API handles interpretation and visa versa.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Roel van Egmond

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Hi Roel,

Thank you for your reply.

Well I mean, retrieving an object from sbo through the integration framework results in some xsl atoms etc. and when generating the xsd files, this is for example one part of the content.

<xs:element name="GetStockTransferResult" form="qualified">



                                                            <xs:element name="DocEntry" form="qualified" type="xs:string"></xs:element>

                                                            <xs:element name="DocNum" form="qualified" type="xs:string"></xs:element>

                                                            <xs:element name="DocObjectCode" form="qualified" type="xs:string"></xs:element>

                                                            <xs:element name="CreationDate" form="qualified" type="xs:string"></xs:element>

So there you find for the DocEntry the type="xs:string" and handing all data over as a string is pretty anoying.

Hope this makes it more clear.

Kind regards,