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where do they use Validations

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actually why and where do they use Validations in Real time,

plz give me some examples,

in one interview i told

for eg: to restrict a user for post particular business area only,

but interviewer did not satisfied with that answer

plz explain where do they use in real time

thanks in advance


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Validations: It helps to control integrity of data. It used to check condition and return a, message of the condition is met. We can use this in FI and CO also. Validation follows IF, THEN, ELSE structure.

In configuration we are going to define where the validation should call up like u2013 document header, line item or complete document.




We used validation to restrict some roles to some document types. Eg: ZP, ZV cannot use by AR

1. Maintain validation u2013 GGBO ( it comes in special purpose Ledger)

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The answer you gave relates more to authorization. Using a validation, it is tough to check whether a user can post to a particular business area, given the number of users. Every time an employee in your client organization changes, you will have to change the validation.

You answer could be more like this - "validations are used to supplement the existing SAP logic according to businness needs". Examples are

For postings with certain document types / certain GL accounts, trading partner cannot be blank.

For certain GL accounts, profit center is mandatory (if you cannot handle this using FSG).

For certain GL accounts, business area is mandatory (if you cannot handle this using FSG).

Sets are powerful objects that can be used in validations / substitutions. Read more about validations / substitutions in

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sreekanth thanq,

ok i satisfied with ur ans ,

thanq im assigning points