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Whatt exactly must be filled in MARA-VOLUM

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Dear experts,

what exactly does SAP in the field MARA-VOLUM for liquids? Unfortunately the F1 help is not precise enough:

"Space that the material occupies per unit of volume. The volume refers to the unit specified in the "Volume unit" field."

Is this the only the volume of the liquid itself (Net Volume) or is this the volume of the packaging (Gross Volume).

I would Interpret it as the volume of the liquid only but we have different opinions here. The volume of the packaging could be set up in the alternative units instead where you can define a volume.

What exactly is expected in MARA-VOLUM?

Background of the question is the following:

Dangerous goods regulations requires regulation from the total quantity of the dangerous goods in Liters , this is the "net volume". Further question is: The volume of the materials are summed in a delivery. Is this taken from the values in MARA or from the MARM entry taking the sales unit into account?

Thank you for your feedback.

Best regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Gernot,

Basically we used Volume along with Volume Unit to specify Storage capacity of that particular material.


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If you read the second line, F1 help of MARA-VOLUM is very clear.

The volume and its unit always refer to the base unit of measure.

It is mean that MARA-VOLUM is valid for volume of material refer to the base unit of measure.