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what's the best way to use business objet?

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Hi all,

Anybody can explain what's the more efficient way to retrieve data from the database by using business objects?

I would like to load business partners information, but I'm using SBob object and recordset and it is very slow...

If anybody have a sample code to show me..


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Business Objects are best for templating and maintaining data integerty... I only use it for adding, updating, and deletions of BP's... As for retrieval, I believe, please someone correct me on this, but the Business object maintains a semi-connected state that allows for browsing through the data... So fliping and storing each BP could be slow as well... I am assuming that the only way to speed it up would be going direct to SQL or by using DI Server... Again, I am not confident on this so it would be best if someone could provide a second on this... Thanks

Jeremy Adam

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