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what program made the changes

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how can I get the program name of job step that made changes into purchase requisition?

I know there is modification log document but no info about program or job id.

I was wondering about FM/BAPI or code to trace object change or something like that.

please help, thanks

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Hi Rajesh,

Can you provide more info on your question.


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If you know when it was changed, then you might be able to find what programs were running at the time in STATS.

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To trace something, you must start the trace before it happened. There is the SQL trace = transaction code ST05. NB: it has also an option to trace the whole call stack, not only the program which did the SQL operation.

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You can try to assess the batch-Jobs run during the time of modification and their names in should give you a clue about the possible batch-job. You might get 2 to 3 Jobs which might seem relevant.

Then check the program names under the batch-job step you would get the Program ID. Try to glance analyse those. you should have the answer.

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To get the program name that made changes to a Purchase Requisition, you can use the following options:

  1. Table CDHDR and CDPOS: The modification log data is stored in the tables CDHDR and CDPOS. You can retrieve the program name and job id from these tables using the object key (EBELN) and change number (CHANGE_NO).

  2. Change Log Report (transaction SARA): You can use the Change Log report to view all changes made to a Purchase Requisition. The report will display the program name, user id, and date/time of the change.

  3. ABAP Debugging: In an emergency scenario, you can use ABAP debugging to trace the program that made the changes. You will need to set a breakpoint in the modification log tables CDHDR and CDPOS, and then execute the program that made the change to the Purchase Requisition. The ABAP debugger will stop at the breakpoint, and you can see the name of the program and the user id.

  4. ST22 Dump Analysis: If you experience an error in the system, the ST22 Dump Analysis tool can be used to view information about the program that made the change. The dump will contain information about the program name and the user id.