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What legder I have to access to ACDOCA table with?


Hello all.

I'm in a HANA migration project and I have to adapt customer programs (Z programs). I am going to change SELECT to BSEG for SELECT to ACDOCA. But to access ACDOCA I need a legder (RLDNR) but I don't know where I can get the ledger value. There are three ledgers in the client.

Thanks a lot.


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Answers (2)

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You can get a default ledger to read ACDOCA by

  • reading table FINSC_LEDGER for RLDNR where XLEADING = 'X'.
  • reading table FINSC_VERSN_LD for RLDNR where VERSN = '000' (for CoArea)

Also you could add this field to the initial/selection screen of the program/report.

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