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what is the use of konp, konv tables

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what is the use of konp, konv tables.

can any explain me in which cases we use these two tables

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Hi Jyothsna,

I would like to abbreviate,

KONV as Conditions (Transaction Data).

KONP as Conditions (Item).

I would like to suggest a few references,

[SDN - Reference for use of Tables - KONV and KONP for finding - Document number|;

[SDN - Reference for Linking Tables - KONV & KONP with examples|;

Hope that's usefull.

Good Luck & Regards.

Harsh Dave

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KONP table contains actual rates for conditions based on field KNUMH

(Condition Rcord No which again corresponds

to A* tables - Access Sequence record tables). To further elloborate , you

want to find out what rate is maintained

for some material from material access table A518, you need to give

condition type, material no. etc and find

out contion record no., using this condition record no. you can fetch

relevent rate, unit etc from konp table.

Also check out the below thread:


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Plz refer to this thread.


Sumit Agarwal

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these tables are used for different conditions types and prices.

for eg. for Basic price condition type PR00. Some user defined condtion types. rebate etc.