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what is the use of filed itemconditon in condtiontype control

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Hi gurus

In pricing condition types v/06 in pricing control fileds we have the field as item conditon as well we have same manual in the pricing procedure control fields what is the use of both

one is in condtion type controls another is the pricing procedcure controls of 16 fields in that we have the manual condition what is the use of having both.

Please any one help me in this regard

Thanks & Regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rack

Condition type can be of two type ,you can say.

1. Header condition

2. Item condition

Header conditions ( example HM00) can not be entered in the Item level (condition screen of Item detail in the Sales documents).

Similarly, Item conditions(PN00) can not be entered in the Header level ( condition screen of the Header data).

But, there are certain condition types which can be entered at both level for example condition type RC00.

You can know whether the condition type is an Item condition or Header condition from this field.

The "Manual entris" field indicate, whether you can edit the value/rate of the condition type or not in the sales document. That you control here.

In Pricing procedure, the 'manual", indicate that this condition type has to be entered manually in the condition screen of the sales document and it will not be determined automatiaclly through condition technique.

All Header conditions are manual, they do not have any access sequence , they are not determined by condition technique automatically and they have to entered manually.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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hi ,

Item condition in the condition type controls that the condition records are application at the item level.

specifically say Condition applies to items.

Manual field in pricing procedure and manual entries in control field of condition type.

manually field in pricing procedure says that if you want to process manually the condition type , the check box to be triggered in pricing procedure. which means manually you can entries the values of the condition type.

manual entries in condition type: this is used when you check the manual field in pricing procedure. this has limitation.

even though if you have condition records the system will not check the conditon records.