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What is the Scope Item for returnable packaging material?

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Hi Team,

What is the Scope Item for returnable packaging material?

Thank you.

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Dear customer,

Please check scope item BDW - Returnables Processing


This scope item enables the shipping of standard pallets and their return. When you create a standard sales order, the delivery is automatically created based on this sales order. During the picking and shipping steps of this process, a pallet (returnable packaging) is added to the delivery. During the billing process, pallets can also be returned to manufacturers using a pallet return order with pallet return delivery and goods receipt, or a pallet return delivery without reference and goods receipt.

If customers do not return pallets, you can issue debit memo requests. Triggered by billing, the system issues debit memos based on such debit memo requests. Once this has been carried out, you can synchronize the consignment stock quantity and value, and then post a manual goods issue for the unreturned pallet.

Key Process Flow

  • Create sales order
  • Create delivery
  • Execute picking
  • Add returnable packaging to deliveries
  • Create returnable packaging return order
  • Post goods receipt for returnable packaging
  • Debit unreturned packaging
  • Post goods issue for unreturned packaging

Business Benefits

  • Consists of the management of returnables using the ERP returnable packaging logistics function
  • Track returnables