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What is the naming convention for condition types in SD pricing?

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Hi all,

What is the naming convention for condition types in SD pricing ?

we have extract pricing type pre-defined in sap like

A copy pricing elements and update scales

B carry out new pricing

C copy manual pricing elements

G redetermine taxes

H redetermine freight conditions

X,Y reserved for customer

1-9 reserved for customer

But how can we saw that we have condition types named pr00 k007 ha00 hb00 etc?

Any response will be awarded.

Thanks and regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Condition Type:

Every element of pricing is called a Condition Type.

Every Condition Type / Element will have a standard Technical Name.

Few Standard Condition Types are:




T.Code V/06 is used to define the Condition Types.

There are around 256 condition types given by the Standard SAP System.

For our pricing configuration we can choose our own condition type from the list. In case a condition type does not match the requirement then we can copy the condition type and modify according to the requirement.

values are maintained for eveey condition type. i.e. condition records are maintained for condition types inside the condition table.

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thanks a lot! it's very clear.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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In V/06 t-code you can see the complete list of condition type.

The customized condition types (that is created for you) should start with Y or Z.