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What is difference between House bank and account-id

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Can anyone explain me the differnce?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nachiket,

House Bank Master in SAP is created to capture the Branch details of your bank like branch address, swiftcode etc.

Where as Account Id represents the account number in you bank branch.

So There can be many account id's under one house bank

(as in one bank you can have local currency account and foreign currency account or savings account and current account)

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Raghu Ram

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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House Bank represents a branch of a bank or a bank and Account ID is the ID of your account. You can have multiple account in a house bank

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house bank is bank used by the company for their transactions......and account id isEach house bank of a company code is represented by a bank ID in the SAP system, every account at a house bank by an account IDi.e account number ......

yes,u can have multiple account in a house bank

correct me if i am wrong

with regards,

santosh kumar

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House bank is created for each bank account. Suppose in a city you have 2 bank accounts in the same bank but the branch of the bank is different, then in that case 2 house bank will be created.

Account ID is created as per house bank. Suppose in a branch you hav multiple accounts, then account ID will be created as per accounts under house bank.

Let me know if I am wrong and correct me.



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I think you might be wrong
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House bank is a bank where you have all bank data is determined using this key.

Account ID together with the ID for the house bank uniquely defines a bank account, its like a branch..where you do your transactions like deposits and withdrawls...

Hope understood and you can reward the points if you are cleared.



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House bank is the group of banks means the company is maintaining 10 bank accounts these 10 a/cs will be maintain by 1 house bank. Each bank GL can be assign to house bank and

account id is to make the reference for payment program

hope this will clear your problem