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Warranty end dates display for child Equipment

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Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to view the warranty details (warranty end date) of all lower-level Equipment, whenever the work order is created for the superior Equipment. Say an Air Conditioner is the superior Equipment having other child Equipment in it e.g., Compressor, Fan motor etc. Warranty details are as below -

Overall AC unit - 2 Yrs. warranty (Superior Equip)

Compressor - 5 Yrs. warranty (Child Equip)

Fan motor - 4 Yrs. warranty (Child Equip)

PCB - 10 Yrs. warranty (Child Equip)

We have created a Master warranty and assigned to the Superior Equipment (AC in this case) along with warranty start date. Now whenever a work order gets created for the AC unit, system shows a pop up showing the warranty of AC unit (only one line item). Requirement is to show the warranty end dates for all the child Equipment (e.g., 3 child Equipment, shown above) in that pop up.

Please advise if this is feasible with standard settings? An early reply will be much appreciated.


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