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WA Paid Family and Medical Leave Tax

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Can someone from SAP and/or BSI explain to me why they needed to break down this tax into 4 parts for the non-voluntary plans? I've read the notices from Washington and there is no mention that this tax should be split between Family and Medical. In fact they refer to it through out the notices as a "Paid Family & Medical Leave" (singular). The tax is based on (gross wages * .004). The employee's maximum cost is .6333 of that amount. Why would you split that to (.3333 for Family) and (.3 for Medical)? There should be 2 tax types, one for Employee and one for Employer. If you were exempt from the employer part then you should only be putting the employee tax type in your tax model. The same would be true for the voluntary plans. At most there should be 4 new tax types to cover non-voluntary and voluntary.

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