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vrsion zero not defined for fiscal year error

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hi experts,

since the begening of year 2008 i started getting error VERSION 0 (ZERO) NOT DEFINED IN FISCAL YEAR 2008,WHENEVER I create and save purchasing is not letting me save and go further.

can anyone help me how to set this error.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What is verion 0


Integrated planning with CCtr Accounting and ABC

Controls whether internal order/WBS element planning in a version is

integrated with cost center or business process planning.

You can change the indicator only if the version does not yet have any

plan data for an integrated internal order or WBS element.

Integrated planning with cost center or business process planning means:

o When planning activity inputs to integrated internal orders/WBS

elements, the scheduled activities post to the sender cost


o Plan settlement and periodic reposting of integrated orders/elements

to cost centers/processes is allowed.

o Plan allocations of indirect activities from cost centers/processes to

integrated orders/elements are allowed.

o Plan assessment and distribution from cost centers/processes to

integrated orders/elements are allowed.

All version settings valid for cost center or business process planning

are also valid for integrated internal orders and WBS elements:

o You can plan costs and activities only if the version allows planning.

If the version is locked for cost centers and business processes, it

is also locked for internal orders and WBS elements.

o You can copy planning only if the "Allow copying" indicator is active

in the version.

o If you activate the "Integrated planning" indicator in addition, the

plan data is also available for the Profit Center Accounting component

(EC-PCA) and the Special Purpose Ledger component (FI-SL).

When you plan an internal order or WBS element and want to keep

planningdata unavailable for other objects, do not set the "Integrated

planning with Cost Center Accounting" indicator.


Integrated planning applies only to internal orders (not other types of

orders) and WBS elements.

To activate integration, set the "Integrated planning" indicator in the

order type or the project profile.

You cannot carry out unit costing for integrated internal orders or WBS




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i appreciate your detailed explanation. i am trying to get that.i am still beginner in mm. if you could send me the step by step img customizing steps to set the indiacator,that would be great help to me.


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you should ask one question in one thread do not ask different question with in the same old thread.

so i request you to close this thread by putting the status as answere and please open a new thread. i will definatly give you the step by step configuration in the new thread

Hope you understand and do the needfull



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Answers (1)

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tranz OKEQ