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VL71 Issue

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Hi Experts,

We have created a background job for VL71 transaction for a "Z" variant to process the delivery outputs.

The outputs are triggered when the PGI is done manually and for all the PGI'ed deliveries, the output status is "0" (Not Yet Processed) and the dispatch time is "3" (Send with application own transaction). this 3 is because the background job takes all the PGI'ed deliveries and processes their outputs.

The variant attributes are

Output Type - ZXXX

Transmission medium - 2 (Fax) & 5 (External Send - email)

Sort Order - 01 (Delivery / item / output type)

Processing Mode - 1 (First Processing)

Shipping Point - XXXX

Goods Issue Date (Planned Goods Issue) - Greater than or Equal to yesterday's date (previous day's date)

Issue - still some of the deliveries are not processing in this job and their output status is still showing "0" (not processed). Some deliveries have their actual PGI dates far ahead in the future but the variant clearly states that the PGI date is greater than or equal to yesterday's date so this should not be the problem.

Please suggest why this is happening to only some of the deliveries and not all of them.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Herve,

yes i figured it out and fixed the issue from my end.

Thanks for the reply nonetheless

Also, i will update here about an anomaly of the VL71 transaction variant which will be a useful info for everyone.


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It would be convenient to identify the delivery document (one example) for which the output cannot be processed. Then within transaction VL71 you'll run your the transaction with the variant in foreground after adding the delivery document number retrieved in the previous step.

Note that you can get the logs of processing in the result screen after execution (F8). Check below.

Maybe you'll not get the document in the list due to your documents not matching the variant selection criterion.

Let me know if it was helpful to you.