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vkoa gl account and prov account

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Dear all,

In MM OBYC also has gl account and provision account.

Accounting effects are as follows;

During Migo

The account key account +ve

the provision key account -ve

During Miro

The provision key account +ve

The vendor account -ve.

In SD VKOA also has the similar. May I know if my understanding is correct below?

During VF01

The customer account +ve

The account key account -ve


The account key account +ve

The provison account -ve


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In normal circumstances, the provisional G/L Account column would be used in case of rebates where the value to be accrued to a G/L Account and later on, based on this, settlement can be made.

In some cases, where if you want the amount to get posted like this, apart from normal G/L Account, then you need to have a different G/L Account here. In one of my earlier projects, we had configured for an exports scenario where we had a provisional G/L Account for Account Heads like Terminal Handling Charges, Clearing and Forwarding Expenses etc., In Accounting Document view, if you see this, for the same amount, two entries will be posted; one for Balance sheet account and another for P&L statement account which can be differentiated in FS00 under the tab "Type/description"


G. Lakshmipathi