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VF04 Billing Due List displayed wrongly

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Hi Experts,

Below is the problem I came into when using billing due list(VF04)

When I selected only order-related document to show in result, in the purpose to show only those sales order which can be invoiced directly from sales orders.

But after the result came out, those sales orders needed to be invoice through delivery notes were also included.( as image showed, these documents(OR, standard sales order) starts from number 1 are actually cannot be invoiced now)

My configuration setting seems with no problem.

1. in VOV8(define sales order), I set the billing related fields of my order type as followed:

Dlv-rel. billing type: (normal invoice)

Order-rel. billing type:("blank")

2. in defining item category, I set my item category "TAN" as followed

Business Data fields

Billing relevance: A(delivery-related billing document)

Can anyone of you provide some help or your experience if you have faced the same problem.

Many thanks!!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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A few points from me:

1. The F1 explanation message for Order-related in VF04 may be a bit confusing, because in the Procedure section it states: "If you mark the field, the list does not include documents that relate to deliveries.".

The wording is not precise enough, because what the checkbox does is include SD documents where there are items with billing relevance order-related, e.g. B, F, G, I.

What does this mean? If you have some SD document with TAN (billing relevance A) and another item with billing relevance G for example and if you select in VF04 Order-related => you will see this document in the list. This is not a mistake and not a bug - from what I know, this is the standard and expected system behavior.

2. Removing the billing type for order-related billing from VOV8 does not prevent creating order-related billing by itself - the only thing it can do is removing the default proposal of the billing type for the process. Another source of default value can be the default data tab in VF04. As long as you have items with order-related billing and copy controls in VTFA -> a billing document can be created with minimal effort.

3. If you have changed the billing relevance of item categories that were already in use -> the billing status is not automatically redetermined. There is a correction report delivered with SAP note 127514 - Change of billing relevance has no effect, after which you need to run SDVBUK00 as explained in the same tote.

4. If there are custom developments - it makes sense to check these with the help of a qualified ABAP developer and ensure that the recommendations in SAP note 178328 - Problems due to incorrect user exits in SD are followed.

5. I hope this is unnecessary, but still - before running any correction report make sure that you have found the root cause. Especially if it is pt.4, recreating the index without correcting the custom code is not an acceptable long-term strategy.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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When I selected only order-related document to show in result 

Billing relevance: A(delivery-related billing document)

The above two statements are contradicting. When you say, you set for delivery related billing, you have not explained as to why you have selected Order related billing in VF04 ? If at all, you feel that billing index has not been updated properly, then, have a look at OSS note 386370

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Hi Mr. Lakshmipathi,

My point is since I already set the billing relevance as A(del.-related), it shouldn't show on the result list when I selected only order-related billing.

At the end this problem is solved, the sales order actually includes two types of category(TAG and TAN), but I thought the price calculation/billing relevant is only based on TAN setting.

I want to check the item category in higher item level(TAG) and found out I set the billing relevance as B(order-related),after I changed it ti "BLANK", in VF04, my sales order doesn't show up when I selected order-related billing.