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Vendor Warranty Claim Process

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Hi Experts,

We are in the process of designing Warranty Solution for a Retail Industry.

Pls tell me how to handle the following Process in SAP.

Here are major steps in Current legacy system that we need to consider for designing process in SAP.

1.The Client receives Material (with serial number) from External Vendor with Warranty.

2. The Material is Sold to Customer in Stores.

3. When the End customer Returns the Goods saying there is some problem with Material, then Store will take back the Material and keep in Inventory.

4.Warranty Purchase order is created and Material is shipped to Vendor for Repairing against warranty PO.

5.Vendor does repairing of Material and goods are returned back against warranty PO and it has to be posted as Normal Stock..

Suppose say we are issuing Material A of 10 Pcs under warranty to Vendor for Repairing by PO. Vendor tries to repair all the 10 Pcs of Material A, but sometimes they cannot able to repair. In those case they will pay us the Purachase value of Material for qty not repairable and will not return those materials. Repaired goods will be returned back against Original Warranty PO which can Posted in System as OK Goods.

Pls tell us how to Issue Material against a PO and receive full or Part Qty of Material against same PO in SAP.

What would be the best possible way to address this with SAP warranty management functionalities.

Please dont deviate the Topic with Customer Warranty functionaity.

Any inputs or experiences on similar type Warranty process handling in SAP will be really helpful.

Looking forward to get your best inputs on this.

Thanks and Regards,

Selvakumar. M

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Hi Selvakumar,

I implement the Returns for PO (Return indicator for item) and shipped to the supplier with a Mov. 161.

The return of the materials are posted with a Mov. 162.

The problem that arises is that, We have materials with serial numbers. In this case requires the Mov. 162 allow the entry of new serial numbers, different from the defective returned with the Mov. 161.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,