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Vendor Subrange for Different P.Organization in Info Record

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Hello All,

I have a problem about the vendor subrange in purchasing info record. Let me explain,

I have two different Purchasing Organization,one material (for both organization) one vendor (for both organization) when I have created info record system

gives me one info record number. My problem is my vendor subrange should be different for both organization level. when I change the subrange for  one of

the organizaiton and I saved, system autamaticallay change the other subrange for the other organization.

How can I fixed the problem. Is it a bug of SAP ?

Please send me your advice ..


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Answers (4)

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A vendor subrange is usually used to categorize the  vendor materials into several groups of you.

But is not meant to have one vendor  material belonging to 2 VSRs

if you need different plant specific data, then you should have used plant as extra data retention level in material master and create plant specific info records.

the VSR is general level in an info record, so it can only be one VSR for a material/vendor combination for any organization

Look into the docu for maintaining different data at plant level

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It is a good idea to keep blank in PIR but I have more than two subrange for organizations. If ıt is only one you guys right,we can manage with the Vendor Master.

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Hi Murat,

This is standard SAP system behaviour. You can maintain the sub-ranges in vendor master instead of maintaining in Purchasing Info Records.

Try and let us know if you face any issues...

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Yes. System behaves in this way only.

For that, the best option is keep subrange option blank in PIR and use subrange from Vendor master.