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Vendor Master Sensitive field addition

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Hello Team,

I am currently struggling to add ADRC-STR_SUPPL1  - Street 2 field of vendor master into sensitive field list. Work around I thought of adding STR_SUPPL1 field into LFA1 include but it doesn't work as well.

Can someone throw some light on this how should I add this street 2 field into sensitive list ?

Thanks in advance

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In addition to my above post SAP is giving below error

Field name ADRC-STR_SUPPL1 is not allowed

Message no. FICORE405

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Have came across similar issue and resolution on SDN.

Below is the resolution.

Only ADRC fields that have equivalents in LFA1 are considered as possibly sensitive.

Therefore you require to do 3 things:

1. Extend table LFA1 with an Append Structure in which you enter the field you want for example  ZZSORT2 (similar data element as in ADRC-SORT2).

2. Add an entry to table "TCONV_ADR" equal to LFA1-ZZSORT2-SORT2-ADRC-ADDR?_TAB-ADDR?_LINE-DATA-ADDR1_DATA. Using SE16N and Sap Edit

3. Add field ADRC-SORT2 in customising for sensitive fields (after step 2 it will be visible).

When you want to add some other fields as sensitive (not mapped between LFA1 <> ADRC) you should look in a form: EXCTAB_FUELLEN in SAPL0F07. Making an implicit enhancement point here can help.

As this is a really deep modification. Be careful with that.

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You are getting error FICORE405, because field ADRC-STR_SUPPL1 is not available in the standard for dual control functionality in the master data.


Sonal Chaudhary.