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Dear Expert.

There is difference in Ledger Balance and Ageing report in case of Foreign currency.

We have found the difference is because of exchange rate.

For example :

Invoice Booked at exchange rate 90 per $.

After 2 month, exchange rate is 92 per $. Hence amount is calculating based on current exchange rate.

This is providing wrong ageing report.

Please suggest solution.


Sabesh Kannan

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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear Sabesh, 

This issue only occurs with Business Partners accounts defined as “All Currencies”.  “All Currencies” Business Partner accounts are managed by Local Currency.  Let’s say the Local Currency is US Dollars and the transaction currency Canadian Dollars.  After running the aging report there is an option at the top of the screen to select the Currency. If the Currency option “Business Partner” is selected, it will display the currency value, i.e., Canadian Dollars, at the posting date.

However, the relationship between the leading currency, US dollars for this account, and the non-leading currency, Canadian Dollars, is such that the non-leading currency will be translated at the aging date, which gives the result that is being complained about. There is a checkbox “Translate leading currency at aging date” that can be selected when running the aging report – if selected, then instead of translating the non-leading currency, Canadian Dollars, at the aging date, the report translates the leading currency, US Dollars, at the aging date – this will result in the Canadian Dollars being fixed as at the transaction date, and the US Dollar equivalent translated at the aging date.

In short, the aging report is working as designed, but has multiple options.  Also, whenever using “All Currencies” accounts, please bear in mind that they are not truly multi-currency accounts but are managed in local currency. I hope that helps



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Please check "Translate Leading Currency at Aging Date" below and see if this helps: