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VBOF does not update invoices, created prior to rebate agreement

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Hi, Gurus,

I have a case: invoices are created from 02.01.2018 up to now. Two Rebate Agreements (RA) were created for the same payer: X (05.12.2017) and Y (19.01.2018). VBOF transaction was run after RA Y was created, after the run system responded with the message “list contains no data”. When checking invoices created before RA Y was created (02.01.2018-19.01.2018), conditions analysis shows that condition has been found (both agreements are visible), but in conditions tab only bonus for RA X is added on the invoice. On invoices created after 20.01.2018 both rebate bonuses are visible.

What happened here? Why invoices created prior to RA Y are not updated after VBOF run? What to do in order to solve this (to correct invoices created from 02.01.2018 to 19.01.2018)?

Thanks and kind regards


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