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Variant Pricing: Change in Configuration doesn't replace the old value from Pricing

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Hello Gurus,

After selecting the characteristics values when I go to condition tab, for first time, it shows all the variant condition accurately. But, once I go back to configuration again and change any characteristics value and come back to condition tab again the following happens:

It adds new variant conditions based on Characteristics value change but it doesn't remove the condition related to old characteristics value. As a result it shows wrong total price. I would highly appreciate if you could guide me in this situation. I want old variant condition to be replaced by new variant condition based on the characteristics value.

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Hello, you likely need to set your price characteristic to be blank at the beginning of the procedure. The price characteristic is muli-value type, so what is happening is it receives a value the first time you configure something. Then when you change configuration your procedure executes again and it receives an additional value. Your procedure did not clear out the first value.

Do something like this at the very beginning of your procedure $SELF.SDCOM_VKOND = '' Replace characteristic name with whatever you are using. FYI those are two single quotes.

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Hello Gurus,

PFB screenshots for your reference.

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Hello Jigar,

try another language element:

$SET_DEFAULT ($SELF, <Merkmal>, <Term>) if ....

$DEL_DEFAULT ($SELF, <Merkmal>, <Term>) if....

All the best


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Thank you Kevin. I am looking to solve the issue at the functional(configuration) level without including any code changes.

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Hi Kevin,

As what object dependency should I enter the solution that you have mentioned?

Also can you mention the solution by referring my screenshots mentioned below as I am getting syntax error.