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Variance report S_ALR_87013139 does not select records for other plant

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Hello All ,

I searched all but did not get helpful answer !!

  Could you please help me , I am executing variance report S_ALR_87013139 for 2 manufactuing  plants ,

for one it works we get the data but for  the other it does not work we get an output like below , could you please guide and advise how to close this issue

              No records were selected

Report name                    7-KA1-SI-K1

Report long text               Target/Actual/Prod.Variances: Cumulative

Form                           7-KA-SI-K1   Tgt/Act./Var. Cum.

Report type                    Form report

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Answers (4)

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Dear AryanFida,

Please review note 422543 for relevance.

You have to delete all entries in KKDV and run KKRV again to generate

new summarization levels (there should be 2 as max.).

The old summarized data in tables K84* will remain, if you do not flag

the indicator 'Delete values outside time period'.

Best regards,


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Hi Aryan,

Check the link below may be help full to you.

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Hello Big choi.. .thanks for the reply I tried  KKRV but I got error message

Summarization levels faulty (1 1, see long text)

Message no. KN406


The summarization levels that are updated by data collection contain errors.

System Response

Data collection could not be carried out.


Call up transaction KKDV and delete all the summarization levels. Then carry out a new data collection run for the entire reporting time frame.

If the error recurs, report the following information in addition to the error number of this message:

Status of summarization level 1: &

Status of summarization level 2: &

KKDV --  is at CO level right ? and it has many fields in it , where do I give my plant in it

and proceed with the steps mentioned in the above error message



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If you don’t use SAP S/4HANA Finance , you can check whether you execute data collection

for other plant using t-code KKRV.