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“Valuation with cost estimate of resource AAA(Technician Labor Production) failed

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Valuation with cost estimate of resource AAA (XXX) failed

Hi Experts

I am trying to do an actual cost roll up run.  I end up with this error.

“Valuation with cost estimate of resource AAA (Technician Labor Production) failed

I checked the valuation of the resource and it is mapped to a cost center.  There is resource cost and is valid.  What is the root cause of this error?  The production lot and the production model are also tagged to the same cost center.  Can you please help?

I do now want to create a journal entry to have this cost element since the resource is tied up and the journal entry for internal service confirmation (upon production task confirmation) has been generated

Further, the "material cost estimate" under the work center "Material Cost Estimate"  clearly shows this labor costActual cost roll up error.png


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