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Valuation on Account Assignment 'A'

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Dear All,

We are into Implementation of SAP ECC 6.0 for three company codes.

The problem is when I create account assigned purchase order "Q" with valuated material type for the company code 'A', the system posts the following entries during GR

Inventory Account Dr.

GR/IR Clg account Cr.

Whereas if I try to do the same in the other company companies 'B' & 'C', the system posts to a different account

Consumption account Dr

GR/IR Clg Account Cr.

The material type is common for all the three company codes and the value update and quantity update is also set for all the three code's plants.

Is there any other settings at plant level for this.

Please help.



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Answers (2)

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HI ,

First Thing , i want to ask is what is the Valution level,whether it is company code or Plant.

For your Description, i think it should be at plant level.

SO know your Material Will be maintained you valution data at the Plant level.

So the main key that effects is the Valuation class in the Account I tab against all the Plants (og different company codes is same or not )

if it same.

then we have to go for the next setting is the Account assignment Category,

Are you using the same account Assigment category?

if any of the above changes

Valuation calss or Account assignment Category then definity for sure the posting in the GRN will


And other think also is the valuation modifier .

it is used to group your Valuation Areas (plants) in it maintained in SPRO.

if it is one of the factors in your account maintance (OBYC)

then aslo the Account postings will be diferent for Diiferent Plants at a different company code level.

Check the above Setting

hope so it helps



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Check the WBS element (project) in other company codes - in CJ20n, stock type checked (no stock, valuated etc). I dont think it will make any difference in postings.

But postings on WBS elements will depend on acct assignment categories Q & P - check in other company codes you are using account assignment category you are using is not P? It should be Q if you want to inventory the stock. P will post to consumption account.