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Valuated stock becomes negative - in transfer posting

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when i'm doing trasnfer posting , mov type 309, i'm getting the below error. The material has batch and valutaion type.

pls provide ur comments to solve the error

***Valuated stock becomes negative: * -> see long text***

*Message no. M7314*


When a goods movement or an incoming invoice is entered, the system simulates the update of the valuation data in the material master record. The current simulation indicates that this posting would lead to a negative stock quantity (or a negative sales value) although negative stocks are not allowed for this material.


You cannot post this item. Therefore, terminate current processing.

Display the material master record (accounting data).

Check the price, stock value, and stock quantity (also for the previous month, if required).

Display the material documents and the accounting documents for the material and check whether the stock quantity is realistic.

Material documents

Accounting documents

If the stock value does not correspond to the stock quantity, data inconsistencies may exist.

Please contact SAP Support via SAPNet Frontend as soon as possible.

Support requires the following information from you:

ID and number of this error message (M7 3XX)

Material number and plant

Total stock and its value (see the accounting data in the material master record)


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I Have found two Sap notes regarding your issue. Please Check the notes 32236 & 76926 Once.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Pls note if you using 309 movement type then stock transfer will happen between the material whose valuation area/class is same and both material should have same UOM.



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both mat. has same valu type and uom... but i coudln't do...