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Using B1WS with MSSQL2016 server types

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We have B1WS 1.2 installed and DI Server with API version 90 running, however none of the applications including the WsdlServiceGenerator or any of the sample code is working with MSSQL 2016 server types. I can see the DI-Server InterfaceRep.xml contains BoDataServerTypes for dst_MSSQL2016, and I've also added it to LoginService.wsdl

Is there any working sample code that uses version newer than 2012? Simply adding the type does not work.

We are also getting the following error when IIS tries to load the OBServer DLL into the SM_OBS_DLL temp directory:

21/08/2020 15:17:37 OBserverGeneric::GetNewLibraryFromServer: ExtractBlobData Failed:
Dest = 'C:\Windows\Temp\SM_OBS_DLL\930220\'.

21/08/2020 15:17:37 Response (Fault)
<?xml version="1.0"?><env:Envelope xmlns:env=""><env:Body><env:Fault><env:Code><env:Value>env:Receiver</env:Value><env:Subcode><env:Value>-112</env:Value></env:Subcode></env:Code><env:Reason><env:Text xml:lang="en">Error extracting dll from cab</env:Text></env:Reason><env:Detail><Command>Login</Command></env:Detail></env:Fault></env:Body></env:Envelope>
21/08/2020 15:21:04 Request

When I manually copy the DLL into the temp folder it works, however it says the database type is not supported.

Can someone please point me in the right direction. I've spend many hours trying to get this very basic Login Service working, but it appears it's not even compatible with 2016 MSSQL.

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