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For our company metrics are created and monitored for how long each QN takes to close. (days to process) For my company division i am the primary closer for all Production floor QNs. The issue is that many QNs go into a Rework and Repair cycle and remain there of 1-5 weeks but while they are pending in the queue for status shows WCL Waiting for Closure which activates my days to process so if a Repair takes 4 weeks this impacts my time for closure WCL.

Since SAP is new at my current company should there be another user selection code that would cover Rework/Repair? If so then this new Set User Status would give a true days to process metric for my dept.

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Hi Larry,

Using 'User Status' could be an option off course, but I believe to use "tasks' to track Rework/Repair delays along with user status.

For example, your present task is 0020 - TSRL/TSCO, and you decided to add rework task 0030 as TSOS, then this time should not be calculated in your report. But as soon as this is set, you can update another user status as 'ZQ1'. Now soon you have changed this 0030 task status form TSOS to TSRL, you can update another user status as 'ZQ2'. This means Rework actually started. Then when this task is completed to TSCO, you can update another user status like 'ZQ3'. With this setup, you can calculate the end-to-end delay time as difference between the task system status [TSCO - TSOS] and actual rework time as difference between [TSCO-TSRL].

Similarly you can track the status change form ZQ1 to ZQ3 and understand when the changes has happened.

Depends on the actual complexity of the requirement, the solution enhancement would vary to support it.



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