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User field in production order operation

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I would like to add the information of operator per operation, in production order.

I couldn't find a standard field for it, then I thought of user field.

I probably can use a text field, from OPEC, but I would like the user to choose the operator name (which is not SAP user) from a list.

How can I do it? maybe I can use something else and not OPEC, per operation?

Thanks a lot,


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Answers (2)

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As i understood , you want to put operator name / Employee number.Instead of doing enhancement in production order, you can give this functionality during production order confirmation C011N which will be easy to track which operator has confirmed the operation and generate a report accordingly.

If HR module is implemented, You can try to incorporate Operator number in COR6/C011N or you can enhance the screen as per exit suggested by Ajay with help of your Abap consultant.



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With enhancement CONFPP07 you can define your own detail areas (screens) that can be used for the single screen entry of time ticket confirmations.

Two function modules are available to implement the flow control for the customer-defined screens. While the function module EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_100
transmits the data from the confirmation,order, operation and work center, the entered confirmation data can be exported using the function module EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_101 and the structure ES_AFRUD.
First of all a project is to be created using this enhancement and above z fields can be appeneded in standard table AFRU. The Enhancement has three freely definable screens 0900, 0910, and 0920, Then in T code OPK0 single screen confirmation settings select the screens 0900, 0910 and 0920