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User exits for route determination in Sales order & Deliver creation

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Hi Gurus,

I need to do some change in the route determination for both sales order & Delivery creation.

Can anyone suggest me which user exit I have to use.

Appropriate answers will be awarded.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use the following exit for route determination - EXIT_SAPL0VRF_001.

The FM documentation is below. Check the functionality:

"The customer exit can be used for customer-specific route determination or to modify the inbound data for the company's own route determination.

The following data is transferred to support customer-specific route determination:

I_VBAK current order header (for route determination in sales order)

I_VBKD order business data (for route determination in sales order)

I_VBAP current order item (for route determination in sales order)

I_VBPA current sales partner

I_LIKP current delivery header (for route determination in delivery)

The following data can be modified and transferred back to the standard route determination or used for a specific route determination:

C_ALAND Country of departure

C_AZONE Departure zone

C_LLAND Destination country

C_LZONE Receiving zone

C_VSBED Shipping condition

C_TRAGR Transportation group

C_GRULG Weight group

C_FLAG_GEN_VT Flag: Route determination with generic shipping

requirements/transportation group.

C_FLAG_INCR_GRULG Flag: Increase weight group if no route

If you want to use a standard route determination with different parameters, trigger the exception 'CONTINUE_WITH_STANDARD'.

In the log table C_PROT, the log data from the customer-specific route determination can be transferred back. In this case, the log entries always refer to customer-specific messages. To add a message to the log table, the function module SD_ROUTE_DET_LOG can be used (see below).

If a route is determined in the customer-specific route-determination, it can be transferred back in the E_ROUTE field. If no route was found, the exception 'NO_ROUTE_FOUND' is to be triggered."


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Hi Sanath Kumar,

Thank for your answer. But this FM is not getting triggered while creating Sales order. I need the user exit for route determination which is triggered during sales order creation.

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This will be triggered during sales order creation. But you need to activate it. By default this is deactivated. Go to SMOD and give the enhancement as '0VRF0001' and click on test. On the screen which is displayed activate this exit.


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