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User Exit for Projects Naming Convention

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Dear all,

I am finding difficulties in a client request on Projects Naming Convention.In particular is it possible to carry out a user exit in order to create progressive digits in the Naming Convention of a project based on year of creation and client assigned to that particular project.

Thank you in advance

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Are you referring to PS Project created from PPM Item or the Project Management Project?


Atul Rajmane

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Hi Andrea,

You would need a customer (client) and a Year as a mandatory fields in the Project Definition (PD) of the specific Project Profile and next your user exit can take over the automatic numbering of the PD. I think it can become challenging if you want to change or correct the customer at a later stage because PD code locks out in REL status, but generally speaking seems feasible with some restrictions.

You can always use dynamic selection based on master data fields, so actually there is no need to take all the key characteristics into the naming convention.