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User-Exit for PO standard field change before saving...

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Dear All,

I was asked to change a PO standard field in ECC6.0 when PR was converted to PO thru ME59N.


1. BADi ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST doesn't work .. when I tried to use im_data->set_data method, 1 entry passed in and returned 2 duplicated entries.

a note# 946284 mentioned this issue : 'In Transaction ME59N, there may be duplicate items and the duplicate item is incorrect.'

AND .. ME21N and ME22N works fine!

2. no user-exit can be found for the sap STANDARD field change..

3. field-exit wasn't active in our system.

<b>Who have the experience of change PO standard field user-exit ?</b>

Appreciate for any of your help.



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Hello John,

Welcome to SDN ... I am sure that there is no user exit to change SAP Standard fields in Purchase order.

When you see documentation ,it clearly mention that you can validate the data against some other values,then you can raise proper message ,so that user will have idea how to enter proper values into standard fields.

Please try enhancement MM06E005 and function module EXIT_SAPMM06E_006

You can raise message ...



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Dear Seshu,

Thanks for ur quick response..

We will use ME59N to convert PR to PO auto... so .. no user interface..

Hoping the notes path can make it works..

and I'm trying implementation spot..

Thank u again!