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User defined fields displaying differently for my coworkers

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All, I am experiencing weird behavior with our user defined fields in our SAP B1 Business partner master data tab. On my screen, the user defined fields we have created for the "Title" section of BP Master Data display on the UDF menu (right side), and then I have used item placement tool to place them on the main window. I have it all formatted, etc... and it looks clean. 

We have noticed that it only looks like this on my user login, and non of our other user logins, even though the item placement tool template is assigned to all users.

I noticed that if I make the item placement template inactive, the user defined fields don't show in the UDF menu for other logins, but they show on the main screen. Is there a fix for this? I believe this is causing the issue, and it seems to be outside of the Boyum add on.

Screenshots of my screen and their screens are below.1_1.PNG2_1.png

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Do all of your users have a B1UP license?  B1UP is a framework, not a tool to change the forms.  So if your other users do not launch B1UP they wouldn't see any of the IPT (Item Placement Tool) configurations.

Do you have more than one IPT for the BPMD (BP Master Data)?  Sometimes when you're experimenting you might make two and the one is assigned to some users and then other users pick up the other ones.

You appear to be placing the fields using "Pixel" placement (should always use the relative place above, below, left, right)?  And in the second screenshot you have the fields in the "no go zone" (upper central expansion area) where the four quadrants overlap so you will get fields getting covered.  If you shrink the size of the form down to where the scrollbars just disappear and then cut the form into four quarters this is the space you have to work.  Anything else will not work properly and will cause overlapping.

Your second form also may have manually different form sizing.  So someone might have added this on the Function Buttons?  Maybe one user has function buttons changing the size of the form and one doesn't?  Check for more than one set of function buttons, this can cause changes to the form size.

People try to hard code the natural size of the form to overcome the four quadrant issue I described.  But you are better off working with the four quadrants, hiding system fields than trying to place them floating in the middle of the "no go zone" where they will naturally overlap.

The UDF bar I'm not sure what you mean exactly but each user has their own configuration for the sidebar and while you can copy them between users it's difficult to maintain.  My goal is to place useful fields properly using IPT and then close and lock the UDF sidebar to the users never see it.

I have been meaning to do a video on Item Placement best practices but have not had a chance yet.  IPT works great but there are some fundamental pitfalls to avoid to make it look super native to the system and retain the proper spacing if fonts change, etc.  It can be tricky.

You can reach out to me via LinkedIn ( if you have more questions. The Boyum videos on it are pretty good but they kind of leave you to experiment.

Good luck!