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User access to fields in Sales Order

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We have created a custom Flavor for the create Sales order app and we want that it is a default one for every user in the system. This is not the case, when an user has created his own custom flavor.

How this can be managed system wide.

Second question is how to derive which should be user, the custom flavor or the original screen. We have tried by adding the flavor as a restriction to the role for the app, but it does not work.

S4Hana Cloud

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Luba,

Maybe you have already tried it, but I think you need to do with restrictions on the role, there is also a Default checkbox.

There is a good blog on the topic, it covers how to make the one you want default. If you want it to be default for one user but not another, you might need to create separate role restrictions:

However, they do mention what I believe is your issue "However, the Adapt UI feature enables end-users to override the default flavor assignment, for example, by switching back to the original, unmodified version of the classic application." So you may not be able to prevent the users from creating their own flavor.

Thank you