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Use of Microsoft Access Database Engine in a hosted environment not allowed?

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Hi together,

the EULA of the Microsoft Access Database Engine has the following entry:

Scope of License

- you may not use the software for

- a commercial hosting service

So one of our IT service partners that is hosting on-premise servers (HANA, Windows server clients, Citrix desktops) for one of our customers is now using a SPLA scanner software. Running this software resulted in claiming that Microsoft Access Database Engine use is a problem as the use of this software is not permitted in a hosted environment.

Unfortunately the Microsoft Access Database Engine is needed to use the DTW when there is no Microsoft Office installed.

So after a lot of search it is still unclear to me what is meant by "commercial hosting service" and if a hosted environment with windows server that is used by a third party (in that case our customer) equals a "commercial hosting service".

According to our IT service partner the only solution would be to use Microsoft Office Pro that would have to be licensed for every user or we use the DTW on a server where only chosen employees would have access to and therefor we could at least reduce the amount of needed licenses for Microsoft Office Pro.

So does anyone know if a hosted environment (Linux backend, Windows Server clients, Citrix Desktops) equals a "commercial hosting service" and if they indeed need to switch to Microsoft Office Pro to use the DTW?

And also in generell if for any hosted environment the use of the Database Access Engine is forbidden?

Here some of the examples i found but that not did answer my questions:

Best regards,


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