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Use of IT0582 and IT0589

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Hello All

Need to know the use of Use of IT0582 and IT0589 in PY-IN.

I am seeing same T.Codes (SLTA) appearing in both info types, please help me to understand  how best both these can be utilized.

Also what about P16B_Admin uses in PY-IN



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IT0582 is used to maintain exemption.

As per Indian payroll, below are few exemptions other thatn Sec 80C, 80, 80D.

1. Leave travel allowance

2. Medical Reimubsement (Upto 15000).

This exemption will give tax benefits other than 150000 sec 80c and 80d.

Like if employee is going along with family dependent for any travel within India on vacation, he/she can claim all bills under this exemption. And all bill amount will be considered non taxable.

Like wise for medical bills. all claim bill will give you tax benefits.



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Hello Ketan

Not getting details to my understating from your reply

Let me put in this way

WHat is the Purpose of  both 582 and 589 in Payroll?

What kind of processing and benefits they have?

I am seeing same Tax code like SLTA can be used in both Its, how?



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Hi SK,

please have a look at the below link which might help you regarding IT0589

query on infotype 589 | SCN



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Hello All

Any Update on this

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Dear SK,

As per Income tax department, department provide the Income Tax slab for every financial year for salaried employees.

Apart for this, some other exemption given by the IT department under various act such as: HRA exemption, Medical allowance, LTA etc.

In SAP provide the Info-type 0582 such type of exemption such as-Medical Allowance, LTA etc.

(For more information of ITAX exemption go though the Income Tax website or Book)

In Info-type 0589- maintain the Individual reimbursement limits such as Telephone allowance, Medical, Care fuel etc. (As per configuration)