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US Per Diem Upload File

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Hi All,

I have some questions regarding the u201CUS Per Diem upload from the Internetu201D with which I hope you can assist:

1. Are you aware of any clients in the US that are currently using this functionality?

2. What is the maintenance effort when using this functionality? (I.e. on a yearly basis what needs to happen when uploading the new rates as per the Government?)

I have been trying to upload the file/s as per the SAP help instructions and have been unsuccessful to date. I believe some level of manual file manipulation is necessary in order to be able to complete the upload. Is this correct?

If you have any additional information besides the SAP Help documentation please let me know?

Thank you,

Kind Regards,


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Hi all, closing this comment as per the below related link:

Thank you for all the replies,



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Hi Anni

I did some checks on this issue and yes we do have some customers using this funtionality, I believe the correct URL location is ""

You should be using the relational file in this case. Note 206034 gives some more info in case errors occuring when you upload the file

Unfortunately, I couldnt find any additional information in relation to the 2nd point or further documentation.



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Hi Sally,

Thank you very much for your answer. I have read this note before and I am sure that I am downloading the correct files from the Internet.

However I am struggling to understand how the file with entries in the following format: (e_conusallhist2012.txt)

"US" "CONUS" "C" "ALL PLACES NOT LISTED" "STANDARD CONUS RATE" 6 "" "" no 10/01/2011 12/31/2049 "01/01" "12/31" 77 46 41 26 5 "" "" 123

"AL" "ALABAMA" "C" "ABBEVILLE" "HENRY COUNTY" 7 "AL" "HENRY COUNTY" no 10/01/2011 12/31/2049 "01/01" "12/31" 77 46 41 26 5 "" "" 123

"AL" "ALABAMA" "C" "ABERFOIL" "BULLOCK COUNTY" 7 "AL" "BULLOCK COUNTY" no 10/01/2011 12/31/2049 "01/01" "12/31" 77 46 41 26 5 "" "" 123

Is going to match up to my table entries in V_T706O:

US AL/BI Birmingham

US AL/GS Gulf Shores

US AL/HU Huntsville etc.

Do I need to manipulate the file into an Excel File format similar to the SAP Service Marketplace formats for Austria, Germany, Denmark etc and upload this file in transaction PRUL? I have done this before and it has worked but it seems like an unusual amount of effort/workaround to maintain the per diem entries in future.

If anyone has any experience with this your assistance is much appreciated.

Thank you,