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US Payroll Arrears Recovery - recovery deduction shows as positive in results

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I have copied the model wage types MD50-MD90 and confirmed all the linkage is correct. The ARRRS table is clearing properly with WT 4800 (MD60) and the payment plan is reducing 4805 (MD70), 4810(MD80), 4815 (MD90). The concern is the result for 4810 is appearing as a positive number and I am expecting a negative amount since this is a deduction.

As you can see the other deductions show as negative amounts.

The payslip obviously is reflecting this as money given instead of deducted. I know I can make the payslip appear correct but prefer 4810 to present like out other deductions.

Any suggestions on how to make the amount in 4810 appear as a negative?


Stanette Balser

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